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Gentry County, MO
+/- total acres: 200
+/- FSA tillable acres: 147.4
+/- Rentable acres: 147.4

Gentry County, MO
+/- total acres: 103
+/- FSA tillable acres: 79
+/- Rentable acres: 79

DeKalb County, MO
+/- total acres: 100
+/- FSA tillable acres: 80
+/- Rentable acres: 80

Harrison County, MO
+/- total acres: 236
+/- FSA tillable acres: 150
+/- Rentable acres: 150

Gentry County, MO
+/- total acres: 160
+/- FSA tillable acres: 134.5
+/- Rentable acres: 134.5

Gentry County, MO
+/- total acres: 60
+/- FSA tillable acres: 52
+/- Rentable acres: 52

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